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My RPG List

This list isn’t a top favorite list. It’s just a list of some RPG games I’ve played so far.

I’ve played and finished all of these games except for Legend of Dragoon. Didn’t really have the time to finish it. (or i guess i got bored with the game, i really can’t remember).

I’ve played other RPG titles other than the ones above. I just can’t seem to remember the names. I’ll repost if I get my memory back.

Try some of the SNES titles (evil laugh). If you can still find a copy of them that is. The classics are really good when it comes to the storylines. But if you really can’t take looking at a pixelated screen, then leave them be. They will die as Legends. Too bad for the people who weren’t able to play these games while they were still easy to find.

Hint: if you’re really good in finding what you want through the internet, you’ll be able to bump into these games and maybe play them on your PC perhaps… maybe. (evil laugh)… be deligent my young padawan… you’ll get what you want. (i know i have) (evil snicker) :mrgreen:


Fave genre: Role-Playing Games

My first gaming console was a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). But then I was only playing platform, fighting, and adventure games like Super Mario World and Street Fighter.

It was when I was given a playstation1 that I had my eyes opened to this genre. At first I really never understood what the genre was about. I was more focused on Tekken3 at the time. But one of my friends lent me an original copy of Final Fantasy VII and told me to try it out.

I remember loading the game and expecting something interesting. Well, I got more than that, I was blown away. FFVII totally converted me from an occasional-multi-focus-genre gamer into an addicted-RPG-focused-freak gamer. I remember being awake for 2 days leveling up my group inside the crater in the 3rd disc. It felt like I was hit by a truck afterwards 😯 . I didn’t have much interest in other genres after FFVII. But I’m keeping an open mind. I still play other genres like FPS and Racing, but only occasionally.

RPG games are for people with free time on their hands. I was able to have enough free time to play the Final Fantasy series until FFIX. I played FFVII three times, FFVIII three times, and FFIX two times. My most recent was FFIX.

I really love the FF series. Sometimes I want to forget the story of FFVII so I can play it again and feel like I was playing it for the first time. Awesome feeling. 😀

But now, college life is taking a lot of my time. Damn! I really hate thesis work! But what can you do. If you want to graduate you have to endure and make sacrifices. I feel like dying right now 😥 . Well, I guess I have to wait until I graduate and a get a job to support my gaming habits. Then I can kill myself through gaming. A slow and wonderful death. (evil laugh) 😈

I’ll have to leave the recent releases into the FF series untouched for now. (wait for me my precious, you will be in my arms soon enough) (evil snicker) :mrgreen:

Recent Releases: Racing

Here are a few recent releases under the racing genre for different consoles. Click on the links provided for more details if you’re interested in the game. All of these titles can be seen at So if you want to go directly to their site, click here.


Need for Speed Undercover

  • Release Date: Nov 17, 2008

Need for Speed returns for another installment of EA’s street-racing franchise. more>>

MotoGP 08

  • Release Date: Oct 28, 2008

MotoGP 08 features high-speed motorcycle racing with famous riders and top bike manufacturers. more>>


MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

  • Release Date: Oct 28, 2008

MotorStorm 2 is a follow-up to the manic PS3 desert racer MotorStorm.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

  • Release Date: Oct 20, 2008

The Midnight Club street racing series rolls on to the PS3. more>>


  • Release Date: Sep 23, 2008

Pure offers extreme off-road racing action, wild aerial tricks, and huge environments. more>>


Midnight Club: Los Angeles

  • Release Date: Oct 20, 2008

The Midnight Club street racing series rolls on to the Xbox 360. more>>


  • Release Date: Jan 27, 2009

RacePro is a racing simulation game featuring a range of vehicles to choose from including GT, WTCC, formula, and production cars. more>>

Need for Speed Undercover

  • Release Date: Nov 17, 2008

Need for Speed returns for another installment of EA’s street-racing franchise. more>>

Recent Releases: Fighting

Here are a few recent releases under the fighting genre for different consoles. Click on the links provided for more details if you’re interested the game. All of these titles can be seen at So if you want to go directly to the site, click here.


WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009

  • Release Date: Nov 9, 2008

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 brings full combat sports entertainment back with new features, new superstars, and more. More from more>>

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

  • Release Date: Nov 16, 2008

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is a fighting game that features characters from the MK and DC universes, a klose kombat fighting system, and unique storylines. more>>


Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

  • Release Date: Nov 4, 2008

All the characters from the Naruto series battle it out in wide open arenas. more>>

A pet alternative?

So you’re allergic to cats and you think dogs stink. Well here’s one alternative pet, Lizards. But if your looking for something to cuddle, then this article is not for you. On the other hand, if you’re interested, geckos are very fascinating creatures to take care of.

First of all, I don’t have a gecko or a small lizard as a pet, but my apartment is crawling with them (only small lizards, I haven’t seen a gecko yet, but i’ve heard one). I think I’ve counted about 5 to 7 small lizards (of the same species) living with me in my apartment. Who said I was alone?

Please don’t kill the butiki. Yeah stop killing the lizards in your house. They actually help in killing small moths, mosquitos, and other flying nuisances that enter your house. My place is lizard friendly. Usually you will find a lizard on the wall or on the ceiling, but in my place, you could see them on the floor occassionally. I see 2 to 3 lizards on the floor everyday (alive of course). They’re fast but I can spot them. Some stay on one spot for more than 20 seconds before moving on. Yes, the lizards aren’t afraid of me. But they won’t come to me either.

Though technically they are not my pets, I consider them to be. Whatever animal I tolerate in my apartment is a pet. If I kill it, it’s not a pet, it’s a pest. I don’t like cockroaches and rats. Those are pests not pets. They’re life span shortens if I see them. 😈

Anyway, if your interested in taking a lizard as a pet, with touching involved. Unlike what I do, leaving them to be. Then here’s a link to preparing yourself for the costs and commitment to taking a lizard as a pet.

How to take care of your new lizard

Too much ticks on your dog?

I was researching for a suitable article for “how to properly take care of dogs” when I bumped into an interesting topic.

Of course, dog lovers know about the anti-tick sprays, soaps, or tick collars. But have you ever heard of a Guinea? If not, read the article below to show you of another alternative to minimizing the tick problem.

“What’s a Guinea

Tired of blood sucking ticks biting you and your pets? Wish there were less ticks around your home? Why not get yourself some Guineas? What are Guineas you ask?

Dog tick sucking the inside of a dog’s ear

Guinea Fowl originated in West Africa and look similar to turkeys. The diet of these birds, when full grown, consists of 90% insects with one of their favorite being the tick. Guineas walk around pecking the ground like drill sergeants eating any insect they come across. Many people use them for gardening and for controlling the tick population. They also make good watch birds, as they will holler at anyone approaching the property for whom they are unfamiliar with.” more>>

Here’s a picture of Guinea Fowl

Though this topic may be interesting, it is not practical to have a Guinea when you live in the Urban areas (lol). Imagine having this bird in your apartment. Stick to the sprays and tick collars. Guinea fowl are more applicable in rural areas or in provinces.

Taking care of your cat

If you have a cat, but have no idea how to properly care for her, then here is a site link (below) to give you some tips and tricks. I’ve read the article on this site and it was simple and categorized. The site has an easy to follow and easy to read format, so you won’t have to bother reading a very long paragraph to get what you need.

I would have copied and pasted the sites article here for you to view, but I respect the author’s wishes in not redistributing the article. Instead, I posted a link to the full article in their site below. I hope you will learn from their article and I hope this post is helpful.

I would have posted my own tips and tricks in taking care of cats, but it’s been awhile since I’ve had one. (my landlord hates pets) (curses!!!)

Here’s the link to the article:

CatStuff: Cat Care Tips and Tricks

Please comment if the link was helpful so that I would know if it should stay posted. Thanks.

Welcome to Oliform’s Blog! Kupo!

Greetings everyone!! 🙂

Welcome to my first blog site. I created this blog for a college subject requirement, but I hope you find some of the information I post here useful.

You can navigate my posts through the Categories selection on the left and further navigate yourself through the subcategories.

If you want to immediately exit this blog please press Alt + F4. 😛

Anyway, criticism is welcome on my blog, just don’t exhaust yourself from over doing it. If you really don’t like what you see, please press the button on your PC which has this logo shutdown.

Press it for awhile until something happens. 😈

Welcome to my blog, kupo 🙂

What’s new in the software industry?

Darn.. seems that software has more updates than innovations, unlike hardware which shows something new in 18 months or less. Well anyway, this is what I’ve found so far. I posted a link for every entry. The software listed at the bottom has no description, but you could go directly to their site for more details. But first here is an odd application to get you sober. (or at least get you home in one piece)

Last Call iPhone app tells you how drunk you are

“The Last Call iPhone app tells you how drunk you are, because you are probably way too far gone to judge for yourself. It determines this using your weight and how many drinks you’ve had already. It also calculates your drunkenness by what type of alcoholic beverages you’ve consumed, and it will even offer advice on what to do next now that you’re three sheets to the wind.” (lol) more>>

2008 Software Innovation Award Finalists

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the leading trade association for the world’s information technology (IT) industry, announced the finalists for the 2008 SoftwareCEO Software Innovation Awards.

The SoftwareCEO Software Innovation Awards recognize innovative software products and new business models in eight different categories. Award winners were announced at the Software Marketing Perspectives conference in Santa Clara, Calif.

Finalists by category are:

Company Achievement in Innovation
Company Name Product or Service Name Type of Nomination
Next IT Corporation for ActiveAgent™ Next IT Corporation Company
Visible World intelliSpot Visible World intelliSpot Software Product
Nexidia Nexidia Company
Print Audit Print Audit Software Product
Maximizer Software Inc. MaxMobile Software Product
Most Innovative Enterprise Software
Company Name Product or Service Name Type of Nomination
Splunk Inc. Splunk 3.1.5 Software Product
ICT, Inc. AcceleNet Software Product


Software Product
Knoa Software Inc. Knoa Experience & Performance Manager (EPM) Software Product
Next IT Corporation Next IT Corporation for ActiveAgent™ Software Product
Q.Know Q.Know Enterprise Software Software Product
SAVO Group


Software Product
Bit9, Inc. Bit9 Parity Software Product
JackBe Corporation JackBe’s Presto
Enterprise Mashup Platform
Software Product


What’s new in hardware innovations?

Here are more new entries into the tech industry. This section is more focused on hardware. If your looking for gadgets, check out my Gadgets blog subcategory. These entries are taken from I’m posting only a few of the hardware here. So if you want to see the whole list click the link above to go directly to their site. I’ve given a link to each entry below to go directly to the page the entry was taken from. Well? go ahead, read on.

Intel officially announces Core i7 CPU

“A new CPU from Intel is big news around the PC enthusiast realm. Intel has introduced its latest Core i7 CPU that promises to deliver vastly superior performance compared to the previous generation of Intel processors.

According to Intel, the Core i7 parts deliver 40% more performance in processing intensive applications compared to the previous generation of processors. The CPU features Turbo Boost Technology that accelerates performance to match a computer user’s needs and the workload of the system at the time.” more>>

Beer dispenser fills from the bottom up

“Scotsman Beverage Systems recently showed off “Trufill” at the Brau Beviale exhibition in Nuremberg. The Trufill concept is fairly unique and able to serve 10 pints of beer in just 10 seconds. That’s without spilling a single drop. The coolest part is that the dispenser fills the cups from the bottom. It adds ice from the top, but fills the cups from the bottom.” more>>

Lego Safe is Ultra Secure

“You might think that a Lego safe would be easy to open. Maybe just remove a few bricks and you’re in. But that’s not the case with this thing, the cutting edge of Lego safe technology. The safe weighs 14 pounds and has a motion detecting alarm so it can’t be moved without creating a huge ruckus.” more>>

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