My RPG List

This list isn’t a top favorite list. It’s just a list of some RPG games I’ve played so far.

I’ve played and finished all of these games except for Legend of Dragoon. Didn’t really have the time to finish it. (or i guess i got bored with the game, i really can’t remember).

I’ve played other RPG titles other than the ones above. I just can’t seem to remember the names. I’ll repost if I get my memory back.

Try some of the SNES titles (evil laugh). If you can still find a copy of them that is. The classics are really good when it comes to the storylines. But if you really can’t take looking at a pixelated screen, then leave them be. They will die as Legends. Too bad for the people who weren’t able to play these games while they were still easy to find.

Hint: if you’re really good in finding what you want through the internet, you’ll be able to bump into these games and maybe play them on your PC perhaps… maybe. (evil laugh)… be deligent my young padawan… you’ll get what you want. (i know i have) (evil snicker) :mrgreen:


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