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My RPG List

This list isn’t a top favorite list. It’s just a list of some RPG games I’ve played so far.

I’ve played and finished all of these games except for Legend of Dragoon. Didn’t really have the time to finish it. (or i guess i got bored with the game, i really can’t remember).

I’ve played other RPG titles other than the ones above. I just can’t seem to remember the names. I’ll repost if I get my memory back.

Try some of the SNES titles (evil laugh). If you can still find a copy of them that is. The classics are really good when it comes to the storylines. But if you really can’t take looking at a pixelated screen, then leave them be. They will die as Legends. Too bad for the people who weren’t able to play these games while they were still easy to find.

Hint: if you’re really good in finding what you want through the internet, you’ll be able to bump into these games and maybe play them on your PC perhaps… maybe. (evil laugh)… be deligent my young padawan… you’ll get what you want. (i know i have) (evil snicker) :mrgreen:


Fave genre: Role-Playing Games

My first gaming console was a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). But then I was only playing platform, fighting, and adventure games like Super Mario World and Street Fighter.

It was when I was given a playstation1 that I had my eyes opened to this genre. At first I really never understood what the genre was about. I was more focused on Tekken3 at the time. But one of my friends lent me an original copy of Final Fantasy VII and told me to try it out.

I remember loading the game and expecting something interesting. Well, I got more than that, I was blown away. FFVII totally converted me from an occasional-multi-focus-genre gamer into an addicted-RPG-focused-freak gamer. I remember being awake for 2 days leveling up my group inside the crater in the 3rd disc. It felt like I was hit by a truck afterwards 😯 . I didn’t have much interest in other genres after FFVII. But I’m keeping an open mind. I still play other genres like FPS and Racing, but only occasionally.

RPG games are for people with free time on their hands. I was able to have enough free time to play the Final Fantasy series until FFIX. I played FFVII three times, FFVIII three times, and FFIX two times. My most recent was FFIX.

I really love the FF series. Sometimes I want to forget the story of FFVII so I can play it again and feel like I was playing it for the first time. Awesome feeling. 😀

But now, college life is taking a lot of my time. Damn! I really hate thesis work! But what can you do. If you want to graduate you have to endure and make sacrifices. I feel like dying right now 😥 . Well, I guess I have to wait until I graduate and a get a job to support my gaming habits. Then I can kill myself through gaming. A slow and wonderful death. (evil laugh) 😈

I’ll have to leave the recent releases into the FF series untouched for now. (wait for me my precious, you will be in my arms soon enough) (evil snicker) :mrgreen: