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My Top 5 Romantic Films

Here is a list of romantic/romantic-comedy movies I have watched so far:

Here is my Top 5 list:

(Sorry, I’m not posting the synopsis for any of these. You can Google-it for yourself. ^_^)

1.  My Sassy Girl (2001)

For some, The Princess Bride should be number 1. I like that movie very much too, but this movie just swept me away with the story. If you’re a die hard romantic, you’ve got to watch this. This is a Korean movie so you’ll have to find one with English subtitles. Don’t watch the English dubbed ones, they ruin it sometimes.

2.  The Princess Bride (1987)

Yes, this must be on the list. You can’t have a top romantic list without it. But sadly it’s not number 1. I usually see this movie on the number 1 spot on others top 5 or 10 list. This is a classic. Not that it’s old or anything, well the film is old, but the romance in this movie doesn’t seem to die. A must see times infinity.

3.  Stardust (2007)

A fantasy-romance movie with a very good story. Ever wonder what happens if you catch a falling star? This might give you an idea.

4.  Windstruck (2004)

Another Korean movie with the same leading lady in “My Sassy Girl”. The Koreans are making really good romantic movies these days. Their nation must be in the “state of love-mity” (love + calamity = love-mity… 😛 … criticize all you want, that word isn’t changing). Well anyway, this movie is somewhat related to “My Sassy Girl”. You’ll have to watch both for yourself to find out. Both films depict real world scenarios with a kick of comedy.

5.  Jack And Jill vs The World (2008)

I don’t know why this is here. I’ll try to change this last one when I remember something better. What? You want me to put “Batman: The Gotham Knight” here? But Rachel died!! 😯 … well anyway, back to the movie. This film is romantic in a more modern American way. You know how it is: Sex then romance, then more sex, then more romance.. sex.. sex.. yup, the American liberated romantic way. But this also has a nice story. A real world scenario with a little comedy. You’ll see.. ever see a guy talking to a pigeon?

I apologize for putting only my comments and what-not here. I just wanted to post my list.

I want to see your list of romantic films. List them down in the comments or send me a link to your post.

Criticism is welcome here. But leave recommendations or your list afterwards. Later! 🙂