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Too much ticks on your dog?

I was researching for a suitable article for “how to properly take care of dogs” when I bumped into an interesting topic.

Of course, dog lovers know about the anti-tick sprays, soaps, or tick collars. But have you ever heard of a Guinea? If not, read the article below to show you of another alternative to minimizing the tick problem.

“What’s a Guinea

Tired of blood sucking ticks biting you and your pets? Wish there were less ticks around your home? Why not get yourself some Guineas? What are Guineas you ask?

Dog tick sucking the inside of a dog’s ear

Guinea Fowl originated in West Africa and look similar to turkeys. The diet of these birds, when full grown, consists of 90% insects with one of their favorite being the tick. Guineas walk around pecking the ground like drill sergeants eating any insect they come across. Many people use them for gardening and for controlling the tick population. They also make good watch birds, as they will holler at anyone approaching the property for whom they are unfamiliar with.” more>>

Here’s a picture of Guinea Fowl

Though this topic may be interesting, it is not practical to have a Guinea when you live in the Urban areas (lol). Imagine having this bird in your apartment. Stick to the sprays and tick collars. Guinea fowl are more applicable in rural areas or in provinces.