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Taking care of your cat

If you have a cat, but have no idea how to properly care for her, then here is a site link (below) to give you some tips and tricks. I’ve read the article on this site and it was simple and categorized. The site has an easy to follow and easy to read format, so you won’t have to bother reading a very long paragraph to get what you need.

I would have copied and pasted the sites article here for you to view, but I respect the author’s wishes in not redistributing the article. Instead, I posted a link to the full article in their site below. I hope you will learn from their article and I hope this post is helpful.

I would have posted my own tips and tricks in taking care of cats, but it’s been awhile since I’ve had one. (my landlord hates pets) (curses!!!)

Here’s the link to the article:

CatStuff: Cat Care Tips and Tricks

Please comment if the link was helpful so that I would know if it should stay posted. Thanks.